North Edge is a boutique agency for local businesses with high value clients, such as cosmetic dentists, chiropractors, roofers, law firms, remodelers, and more.

We are a small team of marketing and lead generation fanatics that help you find the leverage points in your business that trigger huge results.

We are based in Canada and Sweden, but what we do isn’t limited by geography.

We cut our teeth in some of the most competitive markets on the planet, where our livelihood depended on our ability to pull in sales like clockwork.

And now, we’re starting an agency applying what we have learnt to local businesses, with explosive results.


Because we can. Frankie and I (Linus) sat down and we had a long, serious discussion about what we want our business to look like.

Do we really want to spend months slaving over 20-page sales letters, architecting elaborate sales funnels… and then having to do it all over again as soon as the project ends?

We’ve made a lot of money doing this, but we quickly figured out this is not where we can make the biggest impact.

This isn’t where we can help the most people get the result they want… and we also know, the more businesses we can help, the more money we make.

When you apply the cutting-edge strategies from our crazy world of marketing incredibly complex products… to local businesses like cosmetic dentists, law firms, roofing companies, etc… the results are nothing less than magical.

Meet The Team

Linus Rylander
Linus Rylander – Sweden

Francesco Frenna
Francesco Frenna – Canada

Wow WOW WOW WOOOOOOW!!!! this is exactly what I wanted guys. I honestly feel this in my chest as I am writing to you. PERFECT!

Marni Kinrys Wing Girl Method

“This is bloody awesome!”

Peter Visser Big Mouth Marketing

Dear Linus, Dude this is absolutely beautiful man. Thank you so much – everything is PERFECT!!

Costas Peppas The Greek Internet God

Partial Client List

Most of these are from our previous consulting business working with online experts, authors and coaches. It’s what we’ve learnt from this world that we’re now bringing to the local business world, where you can do much less for a much bigger impact! Since we’re literally a brand new agency, we don’t have any testimonials yet, but check back in a few months!

Marni Kinrys, author, dating coach, radio & tv personality and creator of the Wing Girl Method (winggirlmethod.com)

Kyril Popoff and Mauro Marcos, tennis coach to former world champions (TheTennisVault.com)

AJ and Jordan Harbinger, leading dating coaches with appearances on SNL, Today Show etc (TheArtOfCharm.com, PickupPodcast.com)

Sasha Daygame, world famous pick-up artist and dating coach (sashapua.com)

Greg Greenway, international jet setter, world’s #1 social circle expert (Gregcgreenway.com)

CXO Collective, an international private equity firm (cxocollective.com)

Gary Musler of Big Mouth Marketing, internet marketing legend responsible for driving hundreds of thousands of leads for online universities (bigmouthmarketing.co)

Alpha7Trading, a leading financial trading education whose instructors have been featured in the Financial Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal (alpha7trading.com)

World Of Shape, leading health and fitness program in Scandinavia, Health Product of the Year in Finland 2013 (worldofshape.com)

Costas Peppas (leading trainer in the offline consulting industry)

Additionally, emails we’ve written have been broadcasted to millions of people (including all the customers of the #1 product on Clickbank), creating tons of income and happy customers for our clients and their partners.