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As you probably know, retargeting is currently THE most profitable advertising channel available anywhere.

If you're currently using other forms of online or offline media to drive traffic to your website, retargeting has been shown to increase results by as much as 400%

And, in our experience, retargeting has often been the critical factor that's turned advertising duds into massively profitable winners. In one case, our regular ads were just allowing us to break even on our ad spend, while our retargeting ads allowed us to get $2 back for every $1 spent on ads.

The whole campaign turned from breaking even to DOUBLING our money, just by using retargeting.

And that was just a quick test. As you continue to tweak and optimize, the results grow exponentially over time.

But guess what?

We've reviewed dozens of lawyers's websites in the past couple of weeks alone, and ZERO PERCENT of them were using this channel.

FACT: Millions of dollars per year are being left on the table due to law firms not using retargeting as part of their digital strategy

As luck would have it, I have good news:

If you qualify, we will use our years of experience with retargeting ads to set up a custom campaign specifically for your law firm.

If you're currently using other advertising channels to drive traffic to your website, you'll be able to see results within the next few weeks.

If you're not driving any other kind of traffic, we can help you get that set up too.

Here's how it works.


Strategy Call

We get on the phone to talk about your business.

This is where we gather all the "raw material" we need to set up your ad campaign.


Campaign Setup

We take the raw material you provide and create a custom campaign for you on Facebook. We start with Facebook because virtually ALL of your potential clients use it every day.


Testing, Tracking & Optimization

As we start seeing results coming in, we'll quickly discover what's working, what's not working, and how we can keep getting you better and better results over time

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Why Are We Doing This For Free?

It's simple: our fees are directly tied to performance.

​In other words, if it doesn't work for your business, we don't get paid.

Our standard fee is 20% of what you spend on ads. Ordinarily we require a $1940 setup fee and a minimum of $980​ per month for maintenance and optimization.

However, for a limited time since we are looking to establish more business relations with law firms like you, we are waving our setup fee and reducing our monthly minimum to $0.

In other words, we're eliminating all the "hard cost" from our pricing, so you can get started today with absolutely zero risk.

Keep in mind that it takes us a fair amount of work to get one of these campaigns set up from scratch.

But after doing our research and seeing the TREMENDOUS opportunities available for lawyers right now, we are THAT sure we can bring in more revenue for your law practice - fast.

If you're ready to get started, we can have you set up within a few days.

Let's talk.​

Hi Linus, I just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how awesome you are.

We got 18 new customers in 2 weeks, because of the work you did :-).

(That’s over $20,000 in new business).

Peter VisserBig Mouth Marketing

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